Aliens have invaded Earth! Your mission is to defeat the aliens and destroy their main spaceship. This mission is not easy, so ask your friend to help you! Playing with your friend is much more fun! You and your friend both have secret missions that you have to complete without the other player knowing (they are not very helpful for your team, so your friend will hate you for those). Completing secret missions will give you extra points and the person with the most points at the end of the game will be the winner. If you win, you can feel superior to your friend in every way imaginable.


If you want to play with a friend, we recommend sharing your game using "Parsec".


2 player campaign recommended


There is a mistake in the objective for level 2, in 1 player mode . The true mission is: steal the spaceship, stand in it for 20 seconds.


Player 1:

Move – w a s d

Shoot – space

Player 2:

Move – arrow keys

Shoot – numpad 0/right contol


Shoot at enemies to make damage.

Shooting at barrels will cause them to explode and do damage.

Damaging alien eggs will make them explode and an alien will appear.

Shooting while being nearby buttons, will make all the doors in the level close

Programming: Default developer, tsolron

Art: DumbMoreThanDumb


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I would love to play your game properly but controls where one player is using ctrl and other w key creats a problem of closing a game combination keys

You can also shoot with numpad 0 as second player

Does not work

It definitelly does. I have just tested. The problem mayh be that you don't know what numpad is, or have a num lock enabled. This is numpad:Numeric keypad - Wikipedia

I don't have numpad at all

IDK, then try some Chromium based browser, like Brave, there is no such shortcut there