A really simplified roguelike- dungeon crawler. 

There is a new version with an online leaderboard, fixed bugs, better camera system, new weapons and dungeons on https://gamejam.com/game/the-dumbgeon , so if you want to play a more fleshed out game and compete with others, please go there

Teleport with left mouse button, press left mouse button to start the game and also restart after losing.

Also, if you are a Godot developer, maybe you know why WebGL in normal mode works fine, but in the fullscreen I get like 3 fps(That's why I didn't include fullscreen in webGL)

In the comment try to post more negative sides, so I can understand what I do wrong and move forward.






Game engine:



Linux.zip 34 MB
Windows.zip 33 MB


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you need to learn how to spell lmfao

I think I have just missed some letters out of hurrying

I love the idea of give the player limited control. How did you get the player to move up like that?

I have used basic godot pathfinding for the player and melee enemies and just pathfinder player to the end of the section, then gave him next point at the end of the next section. I used this video for basic pathfinding 


Cool! I didn't realize Godot had that.